Locally grown and baked


Lettuce Planting.jpg


Our dream is to grow fresh ingredients on a small scale for our business. This includes heritage varieties of grain, fruit, herbs, vegetables and edible flowers. We’ve never grown food for a business before so we cannot claim to be experts, but we’re learning from others and giving it a go.


Right now we are working with local farmers, growers, and neighbours near Machynlleth to trial growing wheat in mid Wales, pooling knowledge, land, equipment, time and resources to learn to grow together. In the future we are interested in growing some of the rarer varieties of grain falling out of production in Wales (e.g. Hen Gymro), with support from the Gaia Foundation Seed Sovereignty programme.



We are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside where we can share land with others to grow food. Above our future wood-fired oven we hope to build a drying platform where we can dry our locally grown produce, making the most of the residual heat from the fire. With time, not only do we hope to grow some of our own ingredients for our bakery, but develop new types of food for sale at Machynlleth Market and through local shops, with support from the Mach Maethlon Pathways to Farming initiative.  

Why grow our own food?

Our world is changing. In the future access to food may become more difficult due to climate change, and challenging politics and economics. By learning to grow our own food locally we hope to provide for our family, learn from our farming community and contribute to our local community.

We also hope to encourage biodiversity by welcoming bees, insects, birds, and arable plants and animals back to the land through nature friendly farming methods. We also hope to learn to grow food adapted to the Welsh climate, and rebuild rich and fertile soil.