Real bread.

Baked in machynlleth,

mid wales

We specialise in baking sourdough bread, handmade  using simple ingredients (flour, water, salt and our sourdough starters) and a slow fermentation process. Where possible our ingredients are organic, although we are not an organic certified bakery.

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better bread

All our flour is stoneground, retaining the wheatgerm, making our bread more nutritious and tasty. Everything we bake is exclusively raised with our sourdough starters too - slow bread is good bread in our book.

We use Felin Ganol Mill in Llanrhystud for our Welsh white flour, as well as organic wholemeal flour, rye flour, rye chops, bran, and semolina. We use FWP Matthews Mill in the Cotswolds for stoneground organic white flour. We are learning to grow heritage varieties of grain and ingredients on a small scale for our business. We are also members of the Real Bread Campaign, and do not use any 'processing aids' or other artificial additives.

We currently bake from a converted former farm building at Llwyn in our village of Penegoes, using two Rofco B40 ovens, and hope to build a wood-fired oven in the future.


The current range

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Mach Sourdough

Packed full of flavour for satisfying sandwiches and incredible toast. From first feeding our starter to baking the finished loaf it’s approximately 24 hours in the making. 70% stoneground organic white flour, 30% wholemeal flour grown and milled in Wales.

(850g. Wheat (gluten), salt)

Walnut Bread.png

Walnut MAch sourdough

Full of toasted walnuts. Made with the same dough as the Mach Sourdough. This loaf is perfect with cheese, sweet preserves and nut butters, and toasted with ricotta and a drizzle of honey. Tasty sourdough with fresh and crunchy walnuts thrown in.

(550g. Wheat (gluten), walnuts, salt)

Felin Ganol Wholemeal.jpg

Felin ganol wholemeal

Dark and flavoursome. This loaf will nourish and satisfy you for days. It’s baked dark and chewy to maximise the caramelisation and sweetness of the crust and balance with the earthy crumb flavour

(850g. Wheat (gluten), salt)

Spelt Batch.jpg

spelt batch

A beautifully soft and nutty loaf, batch-baked in an oak frame. Spelt is an ancient relative of wheat that is lower in gluten. We use our rye sourdough starter to kick-start this special loaf, adding only spelt flour, water, salt, and time. A great loaf for sandwiches and toast with it’s large square slices and soft texture.

(690g. Spelt (gluten), rye (gluten), salt)

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Seeded mach sourdough

A sensory sensation with every bite. Packed full of flavour and texture. The seeds are toasted and hydrated before being added to the dough. Makes the best toast you’ll ever have!

(690g. Wheat (gluten), salt, sunflower seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds)

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olive mach sourdough

Made with organic Greek Kalamon olives, this loaf is great served on the side with Mediterranean food, and plenty of olive oil to dip it in.

(550g. Wheat (gluten), black olives, salt)

100% rye Vollkornbrot

This German heritage loaf is a labour of love. We mature the rye sourdough starter and soak chopped whole rye grains and sunflower seeds in water and a dash of molasses for 18 hours - before even making the dough.Slice very thinly and enjoy with cheese, smoked meats and fish.

(Wholegrain Rye Sourdough) (1200g. Rye (gluten), sunflower seeds, molasses, salt)

Gwyn Gymreig.jpg

Y Gwyn Gymreig

A beautifully white and 100% Welsh loaf. Using grain grown in Powys, stone milled and sieved in Ceredigion, and baked at our bakery near Machynlleth. Soft and light inside with a caramelised top crust, baked in a tin.

(850g. Wheat (gluten), salt)


Where to buy our bread

We currently sell our sourdough bread in the following places:

  • Direct from the bakery on Friday afternoons, 3-6pm. Llwyn, Penegoes, Machynlleth, SY20 8NH.

  • Machynlleth Market – Every Wednesday 8.30am – 2pm (outside Ty Medi)

  • Green Isle Growers veg bag scheme - every Wednesday, Machynlleth

  • Blodyn Tatws, Machynlleth - Fridays (entrance next to Caffi Alys)

  • Idris Stores, Corris – Saturdays

  • Camlan Garden Centre, Dinas Mawddwy – Saturdays & Sundays

We would like to say a big thank you to Maggie and Rick of Mair’s Bakehouse, who kindly passed on their stall at Machynlleth Market to us, as they move gently into retirement. They worked tirelessly for nine years to bring wood-fired sourdough bread to Machynlleth and we wish them all the best for their future.

The Bakery at Llwyn

The Bakery at Llwyn